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for rent

I'm looking for someone to share my home

A little bit about us...

I live the house I own on Mayor Avenue and am looking for someone to share it with me and my son. I pursued parenthood solo, and had my little boy in early April, he's currently almost 9 months old.  I value cleanliness, organization and light-hearted respectful relationships. I have lots of houseplants, and plan to grow veggies and flowers in the yard. I enjoy cooking, baking and sharing meals. I have a collection of quilts and handmade ceramics that I cherish and use regularly. I spend lots of time outdoors—reading a book in the yard, doing a puzzle on the dining room table, working on projects, yoga, hiking, swimming or cold dipping. I have a drink or two once or twice a week, and very rarely smoke cigarettes or marijuana (maybe once or twice a year). I'm  a morning person and spend more time around the house than I'm used to. Julien goes to a day-home for two to three mornings a week.


and the house/neighbourhood...

The baby's room could be shared with another baby or kid with a compatible nap schedule. The house has all the furniture we'd need, but has a large basement for storage so there'd be the option for you to bring your own things. The bedroom itself can be furnished or unfurnished. The neighbourhood is lovely, walkable and great neighbours. I can walk to work downtown (10 minute walk) the grocery store (5 minute walk) and Rennies River trail (7 minute walk) and it's also a quick zip to the airport (10 minute drive) or the Pitts (3 minute drive). There is a small driveway and on-street permitted parking.

and you!

I'm open to an individual, couple, or an individual with baby. I'm open to a dog too if it's a good fit. Things can be a little chaotic at times with our little family, so the space is best suited to someone community minded who is able to be understanding and flexible. I'd give the same in return. I'd love to live with someone who has compatible values and lifestyle. 



Rent would be $900/month +utilities. Utilities can be pricey, but I have had an energy audit completed and am picking away at the suggestions and plan on using the Canada Greener Homes Grant for some larger projects (basement/attic insulation, replacing some older windows) summer 2024 to bring those bills down. If price is a challenge for you, but you're up for doing a bit of work, I could reallocate some of my budget to figure something out. I'm flexible for the right person/people.





I'd love to learn a bit more about you, and show you the home. Please share your info here and I'll aim to be in touch within a few days.

move in date is flexible, the room is currently vacant

Thank you, I'll be in touch soon

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